Introduction to the exhibition

Next year, in 2024, we will celebrate 100 years since the beginning of a dream, a project that has preserved S’Agaró as one of the most emblematic landscapes of the Costa Brava and established it as one of the internationally recognized main tourist attractions.

The Girona businessman Josep Ensesa Gubert sensed the great potential of a promontory near Sant Pol Beach. Later, the architect Rafael Masó, a master of Catalan ‘noucentista’ architecture, joined him. Together, they initiated the urbanization project that we know as S’Agaró.


The Centenary Commemoration of S’Agaró aims to achieve four major objectives:

1. To introduce the project and legacy of Josep Ensesa Gubert.
2. To uncover the history that has led to the current reality of S’Agaró.
3. To advocate for S’Agaró as an emblematic example of quality tourism.
4. To contribute to strengthening the destination in the broadest sense (residential, cultural, gastronomic, leisure, sports, etc.).

The celebration of S’Agaró’s centenary aims to fulfill these objectives through various actions, some of them permanent and others temporary, allowing everyone to experience the unique aspects that have defined S’Agaró: exhibitions, concerts, outdoor cinema, tennis tournaments, regattas…

Architecture, tourism, culture, and sports will be prominent here, allowing visitors to reminisce about the experiences in S’Agaró with leading figures from various fields of knowledge and the arts.