S’Agaró 1924 – 2024. S’100. Sentit i Sentiment is an initiative organized by the Associació S’Agaró 100 in collaboration with the town hall of Castell d’Aro – Platja d’Aro – S’Agaró, whose purpose is to pay tribute to the residential area of ​​S’Agaró, which in 2024 will celebrate its hundredth anniversary.

The commemoration of the Centenary of S’Agaró pursues four main objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the project and legacy of Josep Ensesa Gubert.
  • Discover the history that has made S’Agaró into today’s reality.
  • Place value on S’Agaró as an example of quality tourism.
  • Contribute to strengthening the destination in its broadest sense (residential, gastronomy, cultural, leisure, sport…).

The Centenary of the beginning of a unique urban project that has managed to preserve this environment as one of the most emblematic places on the Costa Brava and has consolidated it as one of the main internationally recognized tourist attractions.

Located between Platja d’Aro and Sant Feliu de Guíxols, it is framed by the Sant Pol beach, Sa Conca beach, Punta d’en Pau cape and the Pedrosa and Vaques coves.

for the five senses

This Centenary brings a program of events diverse and complete, attentive to different sensibilities and open to all audiences, for residents as well as for visitors who visit us from all over the world. Architecture, tourism, culture or sports will be present, which will allow us to remember episodes lived in S’Agaró with leading figures from many fields of knowledge and the arts.

Its beginning will take place in May 2024, a designated date that will coincide with the inauguration of the urbanization, which will date back to July 24, 1924. A series of commemorative events will be organized until February 2025 in different parts of the Catalan territory such as S’Agaró, Platja d’Aro, Barcelona and Girona.


The program includes:

MEMORIAL MONUMENT   More information ->

– One hundred years of tourism, glamour, nature and culture on the Costa Brava   More information ->
– S’Agaró 1924 – 2024 Ronda Way   More information ->
– S’Agaró 1924 – 2024 and The Cinema   More information ->
– S’Agaró 1924 – 2024 The Tourism Spotlights   More information ->

– The Party of the Senses   More information ->
– Centenary Concert   More information ->
– Open-air Cinema   More information ->
– Tennis Tournament   More information ->
– Fireworks Display   More information ->
– Centenary Regatta   More information ->

The Centenary book, which reviews the legacy of these hundred years of history, will also be published.

A visionary’s

One of the objectives of the initiative is to divulge the dream of the entrepreneur Josep Ensesa Gubert, who, thanks to his shared vision with the noucentista architect Rafael Masó i Valentí, began an embryonic project at the beginning of the 20th century that, beyond preserving the heritage of the environment, knew how to grow to adapt to the needs of its inhabitants of the 21st century.

Josep Ensesa Gubert was an entrepreneur with a business vision who knew how to adapt to the historical context of the time, given that at the beginning of the 20th century the interest of the Barcelona upper class in beach tourism began to grow, which sought leisure and well-being provided by the sea, since in those times the healthy properties of sea water and air were discovered.

a top-level
tourist destination

Currently, S’Agaró is an example of quality tourism, both local and international, which has managed to build its own identity within the framework of the Costa Brava as a coastal destination, always offering excellence in the global sense, such as residential, gastronomic, cultural, leisure or sports, among others.

S’Agaró is the sample of an exceptional work and a model of what can be considered an exemplary urbanism: respectful with the magnificent landscape environment in which it develops and a pioneer in the claim of quality tourism.

To guarantee its preservation, it was declared a Bien Cultural de Interés Nacional (Cultural Heritage Site) in 1995 and later, on May 25, 2022, the Castell d’Aro-Platja d’Aro-S’Agaró town hall approved the Special Protection Plan (PEP) of the Residential Development within S’Agaró.